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What type of content should you be creating to grow your brand authority?

In case you haven't realized one of the most important elements to rapidly grow your brand authority is going to be your content.

Having a rock-solid content strategy in place is not only going to help you stand out in your niche as an expert, but it's also going to help you build brand awareness, it's going to help you generate leads and it's going to help you continuously grow your business. And who of us doesn't actually want that?

And by the way, I love getting questions like this from you guys, because it really helps me to ensure that the content that I'm creating and the videos that I'm creating are actually going to be educational, they're valuable, and importantly, they're also relevant for the journey of where you currently are right now. All right, with that, let's jump straight into it.

  1. Think about your content in three core pillars

The first tip that I have for you is to start off by thinking about your content in three core pillars. What exactly are your three content pillars? You have to think about your content as kind of like a three-dimensional thing. Now, in one of my videos in my FB community I spoke about having a very clear idea of your problem, solution and the result that you deliver for your clients. You have to think about these three pillars as basically the three pillars in terms of topics that are going to reinforce each other in order to help your clients get to that final result.

In my case, for example, I always talk about three key things and my three content pillars are brand authority, marketing strategy and female boss mindset. And for example, if you're in the nutrition field, you may have three content pillars, one which is focused on nutritional facts and also recipes. The second might be lifestyle, practical tips to how to integrate healthy nutrition into your current lifestyle. And the third one can be more mindset things around how do you get into the right mindset to ensure that you're able to stay consistent and keep up with these lifestyle changes.

  1. Keep a healthy balance in terms of the type of content

Once you've got those three pillars of content in place, it’s key to make sure that you're having a healthy balance in terms of the type of content and the idea of doing this is just to make sure that your content doesn't become too monotone, that you are looking at it from multiple different angles and people can really start to see how this can relate to them and they can actually integrate the advice that you're giving into their lives.

The four types of content that you should be always thinking about is your high-value educational content, your business-related content, which is actually to do with a particular solution that you offer for your audience's problem, your personal content, that's to do with building relate-ability to yourself, and also finally your entertainment content to make sure that you bring some fun and also spice and making sure that it's not becoming too dry.

If you're really serious about building yourself as an authority, you really should be thinking about having about 50% of your content, which is really dedicated to high-value educational content about your particular pain that you solve for your customer. Yeah, I would say that those are two of the most important things when you're thinking about building up your rock solid content strategy to create this map, to make sure that you're not getting overwhelmed and lost in terms of what to do next.

  1. Always include a call to action

A little actually related to one of those content categories is about making sure that you always have something to offer your audience. And that is always to make sure that in whatever piece of content that you're creating, that you always have something next. What is the next thing that you want them to do? Do you want them to leave a comment? Do you want them to click on the subscribe button? Do you want them to download a PDF?

Always make sure that you're having something in your content that is leading your audience to the next particular step.

  1. Leverage your best medium

The last tip that I have for you today is to make sure that you're leveraging your best medium.

Everyone is different in terms of which medium they feel the most comfortable in, that they're able to come across, that they're able to shine the best in. Some of our clients, for example, they're really good on video. They feel comfortable in front of the camera. They come across as very natural. And they're good in terms of authentic storytelling when it comes to being in front of a camera.

That is a really good medium for them. And by the way, video in 2020 is an absolute must in your content strategy. Definitely, for people who are comfortable in front of the camera and on video, they already have an advantage. Some of my clients, they are much better in terms of writing words. They're able to write up beautiful prose that are just gorgeous to read. And it's very attractive for people to sit there and flow through the words. And in this case, written content, especially through captions and emails, blogs, for example, this is going to be the strongest.

But as I said, video is super, super important. Even if you're more of a writer, to be honest, I personally am more of a writer, but you need to find a way that you're also integrating video into a core part of your strategy. And some of my clients, for example, they're much better in terms of visual storytelling. They're really good in terms of taking beautiful photos. I work with one client who's in fashion and she is just becoming so creative, in terms of the particular backgrounds and also poses and different ways to showcase her particular products.

Look for whatever medium is the strongest for you, build that in as a core and make sure you're also bringing in the other elements as well to ensure that you're able to do full storytelling around what you do.


If you're serious about simplifying your branding and marketing with a working strategy, and get the time back to focus on your business, let's chat.

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