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Tuesday Tech Talk: Choosing Your Marketing Tools To Grow Your Brand

‘Tuesday Tech Talk’ So a bit of a geek-out post today. 🤓 When I first ventured into entrepreneurship I had NO IDEA what tech/ apps/ mail softwares to use. I ended up spending hundreds of hours down the online rabbit hole researching solutions 🌑🐰... spending money on various “quick fix courses” … it was draining, scattergun, and to be quite frank REALLY not the best use of time. My energy should have been spent on spreading my ideas to generate business and strategising the growth, and I’m sure you can relate for your business also. Today I wanted to give you a little gift and give you a look behind the curtain at exactly the tools - industry term “Marketing Tech Stack” that we use … and why each component was chosen. In making choices when it comes to technology for your own marketing tool set - I want to highlight two things to look for:



What I found is that the shortcomings of free tools that are often lacking in intuitive user experience, and lack of features that support modern way of driving business growth online is simply not worth it (*ahem* Mailchimp). When it comes to the key make or break points for your marketing - i.e. tools that help you attract and generate leads, nurture them, make sales, and systemise the way do it all are worth its money if you layer in the right strategy. Here are my must-haves (with a couple alternatives): 1️⃣Email automation / CRM - Convertkit Simple, intuitive, powerful in automations AND elegant as an experience to use. The downside of convertkit has always been that start-up price was steep… but they have just announced a FREE plan, allowing newbie brand builders to start using its platform to building their list and gaining confidence in using email marketing until things pick up. ActiveCampaign is the only other contender I’ve come across so far that I would consider moving to. It has some advanced features, especially in its automations… but it doesn’t beat Convertkit in its abilities to sharpen personalization and targeting of emails. Furthermore, the slightly higher learning curve required to get on ActiveCampaign is already an extra barrier compared to the intuitive flow of Convertkit. 2️⃣Social Automation / Scheduling: Planoly & Buffer Yes, yes, the most ideal is that you’re able to post your social content in-person and live - but truth be told, there are very few brand builders who actually have time to be doing this. Not to mention the extra headspace it takes up to REMEMBER to do this... Scheduling tools are not something that personally I have found to have hindered my audience growth, and gave me the freedom to pre-plan my content for the week ahead… set and letting things run while you focus on your clients, building products and imagining exciting new campaigns. Just make sure you jump on that same day a couple times to engage with people that react to your post! If Instagram is your main platform - Planoly is your must-have and go to! I love Planoly for its user-intuitive interface… you drag and drop into a grid that looks exactly like your IG feed. Their free plan allows up to 1 account, which is generally more than sufficient. We do use Buffer as well to pre-schedule across other platforms (Linkedin & Facebook). I love it for its simplicity, no-frills interface. We also gave Hootsuite a run for its money… while powerful for its dashboard view and analytics (paid version only), it does not beat the other two platforms in terms of simplicity of use. For a multi-platform scheduler for the brand builder that wants to save time, our winning choice is Buffer. 3️⃣Funnel software: Clickfunnel (for now) Clickfunnel is one of these software that you ever learn about once you’re in the world of entrepreneurship. Instead of simply pretty template website or landing page, what you get is templated sales processes (funnels), which is far more powerful in driving actions in an online business. It’s a hefty investment at $97/month… but one which we did go for from the start (having not found a better alternative at the time - though stay tuned on this😉). Do you have a tool that you absolutely love and could not live without in your business? Comment below! 👇👇 PS. We’ll be unveiling soon the details of our new 16-module high-intensity Branding Workout Course that will leave you empowered, bring out your unique essence, and equip you to build your marketing machine to attract your perfect clients, all from the comfort of your own laptop! Be the first to be in the know by signing up to the Waitlist here: https://bit.ly/gybwi-bootcamp-waitlist

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