• Angela Tsai

Can I really build an empire on a laptop (perspectives from our consumer psychologist)

☝The answer is yes. I know so many inspired & high-achieving woman desiring to package their expertise into business and build up a strong personal brand.

One of the key areas where they get stuck and keep circling in overwhelm is in the area of tech. From website building, to building up a credible online presence on social media… figuring out how to create content and venturing into social media advertising...

what once was a labour of love can quickly turn into a huge undertaking of the unknown!

Here’s some advice from our consumer psychologist about how you can really build the empire of your dreams, from your laptop.

How do you stay productive when working from your laptop? Here are perspectives from our Consumer Science Psychologist (and Yogi Instructor) - Tena.

Declutter your workstation

Our surroundings have a bigger influence on our mental health than we think. There’s a reason why being in cluttered spaces stresses us out. As amazing as it is, the human brain can only take in and process so much information from the external environment. With so many sights, smells and sensations competing for our attention, it can be a challenge for the brain to process everything at once. So our brains are trying to juggle all the stimuli in our environment, making it difficult for us to rest. Having many items around us can enhance our distress by reminding us of all the things we still have not accomplished – not just decluttering itself, but also reading all those books we bought. So always think MINIMALISM when it comes to your workdesk - it helps in maintaining focus and prevents you from fidgeting more than you know.

“Get dressed”

I know this may sound weird. But the term ‘dress for success’ really does matter, even at home. It's simple psychology - your clothing affects how you act and feel. Trainers put you in the mood to exercise. Heels enhance posture and a feeling of glamorous confidence. So too, a pencil skirt and shirt will put you in the mode to work, performing at your best. You'll think smarter, make decisions quicker, and assume a more professional demeanor. What experience do we associate with wearing pajamas? For most of us, that’s sleeping and slouching around the house. So, if you try to work in your pajamas, you’re battling your own subconscious to get things done - which is one more unnecessary roadblock to building your empire business!

“Stare at your laptop”

If you ever feel like you do not know where to begin or are unmotivated to start working. Just simply start by opening your laptop. Take a few minutes to browse or just use that time to open certain programmes. Then you employ the sneaky trick of Pomodoro. Pomodoro is a method whereby you dedicate 25 minutes of focused solid work followed by a 5-minute break (real break- no working here!). After every four 'pomodoros' take a longer break as your cognitive efficiency starts to weaken here and needs to re-set.




If you're serious about simplifying your branding and marketing with a working strategy, and get the time back to focus on your business, let's chat.

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