• Angela Tsai

5 Ways To Spend Less Time In Your Business As a Start Up

Did you know women are 15% more likely than men to feel they’re expected to work more than 40 hours/week! (personally I think it’s more than that) Could you imagine freeing up valuable time & headspace by not overworking yourself and focusing on spending it in the key areas of your life that truly matter? I was the one-woman band who would spend all day and night perfecting her brand/ that one post..but one day I realised it shouldn’t be like this so after much research I taught myself how to work complimentary hours AND grow my brand! How did I do it?

So here are 5 quick ways to allow you to spend less time in your business as a startup:

1️⃣Focus your attention on a SINGLE platform when building up presence. Being present everywhere is NOT a practical strategy as a start-up business woman and is a fast-track to burn out. Be strategic, and pick a single place to start out.

2️⃣Prioritise and time box your activities.

3️⃣Schedule in time for the important things - your business is your passion and will very easily become a blackhole for your time. Schedule time for self care, loved ones and keeping up your fitness ❤️😉

4️⃣Systemise and systemise - A basic email automation and content system will save you boatloads of time when you’re in the beginning.

5️⃣Invest early in outsourcing - Many people have the mindset to only outsource when they grow… however this is a chicken and egg scenario… as the quicker you expand capacity, the quicker you’ll be able to grow.

It won't be possible to fully quite capture my method here in this blog post, but I have created a Total Transformation Branding Bootcamp to teach you exactly how I turned my life and business around! Sign up here to the waitlist - https://bit.ly/gybwi-bootcamp-waitlist

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If you're serious about simplifying your branding and marketing with a working strategy, and get the time back to focus on your business, let's chat.

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