Frequently asked questions

1. How fast can you deliver my pitch materials? Do you work with urgent timelines?

We have set packages for different levels of pitch requirements with delivery timelines according to length of presentation, complexity of material, requirement for additional research, etc.

At a high level these are below:

•Simple pitch – 5-6 slides (5-7 days) •Medium pitch – up to 12 slides (8-10 days) •Bigger pitch – up to 25 slides (12-15 days)

Based on the info you provide, and our initial briefing, we will determine jointly what would be the best fit, as well as any custom requirements.

Urgent timelines faster than the above estimates may be possible with an additional fee.

2. What is the process of how we will engage?

The process always begins with an intake form, to help us gain a better understanding of your unique business and needs. We will follow that up with an initial quote as well as a brief initial call to get acquainted, clarify and confirm requirements, input materials and discuss the best package and any customisation that would suit your purposes.

We’ll ask you to send through initial input and/or materials agreed and timing starts from that point on.

We work with a collaborative approach to ensure the message of your pitch or product/service proposition stays closely aligned with you. Check-points and any joint working sessions will be planned in advance, and we will maintain communication with you throughout the way.

3. Do you provide any research as a part of your service?

A big part of clearly communicating your value either in a pitch or in offer proposition means framing this in context of what other messages are out there, and importantly, targeting your audience.

Though we are not a full market research agency, depending on the package selected or any add-on customization requested, we can conduct some market and competitor scans that will help in better enhancing your message within your pitch or product/service offering.

We can discuss the specifics of this in our initial call.

4. How do I know if your service will be right for me?

Entrepreneurs are busy people eager to change the world, or at least some bit of it! And the next step and growth cannot come fast enough. See us as a booster to push you on the journey.

Our mission is to bring you the expertise to both capture the attention of your audience’s attention right now in a convincing manner, but also frame the process in a bigger picture view that will better prepare and equip you for scale at a later stage.

If you are an ambitious (and time-poor*) entrepreneur or small business owner on a mission towards growth and impact, seeking to bring a clear message in your pitch or offering, our service will be for you.

*And let’s be honest, which entrepreneur / small business owner isn’t?

5. What will I need as starting point to engage with your service?

A clear objective of what you are looking to achieve immediately, as well as clarity on your mid-longer term growth goals. If you do not have this, we can help you frame this in the initial conversations.

A product or service offering that has been developed to a minimally viable level.

Clarity on the customer/audience that you are targeting.

Any existing marketing materials, product/service information that you use to communicate your offer towards customers and prospects.

6. What do you offer that I cannot do myself?

As a saying goes, everything is possible given time. Our service helps you accelerate and gain better control over an often stressful experience (due to lack of time or resources) of preparing for a pitch, or simply gaining the foundations in your offering/offering communication that helps give you clarity, and free up time to focus on the perfecting your product/service, customer hunting and delivery.

7. As an entrepreneur or start-up I have limited funds – what if I do not have the funds readily now?

We recognize this as an investment on your brand and drive you one step further in achieving the growth and impact that you desire.

Our packages are competitively priced, and we are confident of the boost in value it can deliver. To help you in the journey, we provide options that can help to break down the cost – and making it as much as possible accessible to the stage of your business. We can discuss this during the initial intake session.

If you're serious about simplifying your branding and marketing with a working strategy, and get the time back to focus on your business, let's chat.

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