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Brand & Marketing Strategy

Well hello Small Business 


So you've made the bold decision to leap from the corporate career-ladder and start your own business - congratulations!


As risk taker, multi-tasker, creator, achiever, and all-in-one leader, OVERWHELM is real -

and yet, you're determined to make this work and crack the how. 


Having gone through the transition myself, I understand your journey and pains.

Through step-by-step, simplified branding strategy and marketing, I'll help you identify your offer and gain the confidence and know-how in your marketing model to achieve the business growth and impact you deserve.


Brand & Marketing Strategist 

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6-Step Strategy Guide and


You'll Discover:

  • ​Simplified Step-by-Step how to define your marketing strategy from scratch.

  • Nail down your Niche Audience and Offer.

  • Defining goals to measure strategy performance.

  • BONUS Cheat-Sheet using the 4-Pillars Methodology - to stand up your initial strategy with recommendations on social platforms, key metrics to measure, engagement strategies to boost presence and social growth, and starting your email list build.

Simplified online launch & marketing strategy

You've got an idea... but figuring out how to launch & grow your business can be daunting.


There's a lot of information out there: Where do you start, what’s really important for right now, how does everything fit together?


The truth is you don’t need an expensive marketing machine or a complicated bunch of tools and strategies to effectively stand up, reach your audience and grow your business – especially when starting out.


I offer one-to-one guidance and coaching to help you simplify, overcome overwhelm and feel confidence to stand up your basic marketing model needed to start growing your brand today.


You're not alone... 49% small business owners shoulder all their marketing efforts themselves!


Your brand story matters

Owning and growing your own business is an exciting journey, but without a clear niche and relevant proposition, growth is going to be hard work.

Having a clear brand story and proposition that clearly communicates VALUE to your niche, accompanied by an effective and simple growth marketing strategy will greatly simplify this headache and bring the results you desire in business growth.


I offer one-to-one guidance and coaching to help craft your brand story and offering in the most impactful light, and set it live!

Customers walk away from unclear branding or propositions

Businesses have never taken action to enhance or test their brand propositions



Founder of Eudaimonia Coaching UK

The experience I have so far with Angela, working with her and her brand and her team is that they just give me just enough information just in time so that I don't get overwhelmed.


CEO and founder of Purple Moon Drama

I'd really recommend Angela because she's given me the confidence and the insight to make really good use of the social media platforms that are best for my business.


Fashion Business Owner

Prior to engagement, progress within my business seemed slow. Angela’s professionalism and knowledge inspired me from the moment I first met her, I felt a positive impact. 


If you're serious about simplifying your branding and marketing with a working strategy, and get the time back to focus on your business, let's chat.

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